Dodgeball Rules

  • Each team must be behind the red line, on the backcourt, at the start of each session. When the referee’s blow the whistle, teams retrieve the dodge balls from center court, and must return the ball to the backcourt red line before the ball can become in play.
  • If your foot crosses the center court line you are out.
  • Get hit with the ball you are out
  • Catch the ball – the thrower is out and the first person out on your team comes back in.
  • If you get hit above the neck, the thrower is out.
  • You may deflect the ball with the larger dodge balls, but if you drop the ball you where holding you are out.
  • If you deflect with the little black dodge balls you are out
  • If deflected ball hits a teammate before hitting the ground, the player the ball hit is out
  • If a ball hits more than one person before hitting the ground, everyone hit is out.
  • If a player is hit by a ball and the ball is caught by a teammate before touching the ground, then the thrower is out and the first person out on your team returns to the game.
  • If a player holds the ball for a prolonged amount of time- player will be subject to being called out by referee.
  • If a player kicks the ball and a player on the opposing team catches it- the kicking player will be out.
  • If your team is down to five players, and you make a basket on the opposite side of the gym- your whole team returns to the game.
  • If you hit the referee with the ball you are out.
  • When you are out form a line along the stage.
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