Become a Board Member

We are aways looking for people who are eager to volunteer and bring new ideas to the center.
Becoming a board memeber has its perks:

  • Free add-on keys for your family (Regularly $10.00/year/per key)
  • Free Facility Rental (Paid Rental overrides any free rental. Limit 2 per year).
  • Access to whole facility
  • Discounted food/concessions when working events.

Perks are only available to board members who have been active in center activites for 6 months. Per our Bylaws, Removal from board and loss of perks can happen at any time board member/officer misses more then 3 meeting in a row.
If your interested in becoming a board member please get in contact with us.
Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 7PM in the centers Cafe.

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